Gunn Woodworks seeks to showcase the natural beauty of wood while providing functional, heirloom quality furniture. Whenever possible we use reclaimed, re-purposed or local sourced and sustainably harvested lumber. We use only natural oil, or water based and shellac finishes on our pieces to highlight the inherent elegance of the wood grain.

Custom pieces, like all of our work, are individually hand crafted in our workshop to your specifications. Commissions begin with a desire or need for something specific. Whether the request comes to us with design drawings or just a vague idea, we work with our clients to create unique, functional and lasting pieces of furniture.

Materials are chosen in consultation with our clients, but with an emphasis on environmental and social responsibility. Wherever possiblewe use reclaimed, re-sourced or locally harvested lumber from sustainably managed forests. Finishes are chosen for their efficacy, ease of maintenance and impact on our environment - often relying on natural oils and waxes.