Custom pieces, like all of our work, are individually hand crafted in our workshop to your specifications. Commissions begin with a desire or need for something specific. Whether the request comes with design drawings or just a vague idea, we work with our clients to create unique, functional and lasting pieces of furniture.


Materials are chosen in consultation with clients and with an emphasis on environmental and social responsibility. Wherever possible we use reclaimed, re-sourced or locally harvested lumber from sustainably managed forests. Finishes are chosen for their efficacy, ease of maintenance and impact on our environment - often relying on natural oils and waxes.

Whether commissions are for private residences or commercial spaces, attention is focused on client needs, desires and budgets. Commercial installations may require more robust designs and finishes, and often are in consultation with multiple stakeholders. All of these factors will be considered throughout the process.



Ultimately it is the desire of Gunn Woodworks to leave clients with a timeless piece, and a lasting impression that their wishes were heard and accommodated. A custom piece of furniture should fit an individual or a family and it is our aim to ensure you feel like it belongs.