Wood grain holds a natural beauty that we attempt to showcase. Each piece of lumber has its own history, its own story, and should be appreciated as such. We don't see "flaws" in pieces of lumber, rather each knot or break in the grain is a unique marker of where the lumber came from. Therefore each piece of furniture or tool is as unique as the boards they are made from. Whether the lumber has been reclaimed, re-purposed or locally sourced, Gunn Woodworks champions the value of this beautiful resource that is so often taken for granted.

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As much as possible, Gunn Woodworks sources new lumber from local mills and woodlots that are sustainably harvested.

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With interest in reclaimed lumber growing, there are many types of wood available from a multitude of sources - from centuries old wharfs that have been excavated on Toronto's waterfront, to flooring from former factories that have been turned into lofts. Suddenly a desk top has an incredible history and a landfill has a bit less accumulation.


Wood, even processed lumber like plywood is resilient and can be re-purposed. These bunk-beds began their life as an office desk system in downtown Toronto.